IVF Book for Children

Explaining conception to a child can be difficult at the best of times,

"Then There Was You - An IVF Story", is a book that tackles the increasingly common issue of infertility

and has been created to assist parents in dispelling the myths,

stereotypes and mysteries about IVF for children.

"A beautifully illustrated story designed to help mums and dads explain to children how they were conceived using IVF."

In the beginning we dreamt of you.
In the beginning we talked of you.
In the beginning we tried for you.
Then there was you.

This is a story about how mummy and daddy needed a little help to have you.

IVF Book for Children


 “I like how the book uses correct terms and explains the whole process of IVF in an easy to understand way for kids. Thanks for writing the book.” 


"Family Planning Queensland would like to congratulate you on this book. FPQ works with many parents, carers, teachers and children in the area of sexual and reproductive health and we know that many wonder how to talk with their children about where they came from. Your book will help parents and carers to explain IVF clearly and accurately to young children in a positive way."

Family Planning Queensland

“We loved the book and feel it was a fantastic way to tell our two children how they were born and how much we loved and wanted them.”