Karly Wegner

Karly Wegner always dreamt of being a mum and was shocked when, after a year of being married to her husband Brad, they found out they would not be able to have children naturally. 

After 2 years of IVF and one miscarriage, Brad and Karly now have two little IVF boys, Luka and Phoenix, and their little girl Eden, thanks to Dr Warren De Ambrosis and QFG. 

Karly is currently busy running her own business and managing the lives of 3 busy children.


Deanna Bresnehan 

Deanna Bresnehan has been illustrating children's books for over 10 years prior to this wonderful IVF project. 

Deanna has illustrated 41 books and other resources for the Iggly Wig Series.


Deanna is married to Damian, and they have 3 beautiful children - Dylan, Ashley and Nathan.

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