As a mum of an IVF baby, I started thinking about what I would tell my child about how they were conceived. I wanted the fact that they were conceived by IVF to be something that they always know so it doesn’t seem too different or come as a surprise later in life.

Soon after my child was born I searched for an IVF book that I could read to him from an early age and eventually read himself, but couldn’t find one that I related to, so I decided to write one myself.

Then There Was You" is an IVF story designed to be comprehensive and straight forward about the process of IVF. The book is also designed to grow with your child. A 1 year old child won’t understand everything in the book but, as the child gets older, they will ask different questions about different parts of the book and learn along the way.


Starting to read the book to your child from early age will help IVF become part of their story.

I hope you and your family enjoy the book and I look forward to bringing you other conception stories in the future. 

Karly Wegner

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