What parents had to say about our book.....

"Family Planning Queensland would like to congratulate you on this book. FPQ works with many parents, carers, teachers and children in the area of sexual and reproductive health and we know that many wonder how to talk with their children about where they came from. Your book will help parents and carers to explain IVF clearly and accurately to young children in a positive way. This is important for helping to increase children's self esteem and knowledge as well as helping parents and their children to establish open and honest communication about sexual and reproductive health from a young age."

“I like how the book uses correct terms and explains the whole process of IVF in an easy to understand way for kids. Thanks for writing the book.” 

“My children are 3 and 5 and it was just perfect for them to listen to with their attention span.” 

“We loved the book and feel it was a fantastic way to tell our two children how they were born and how much we loved and wanted them.” 

“I’m sure as my kids get older it will be a good ice breaker when we have to have “the talk”.

Much better for them to hear from us rather than others about IVF, also a fantastic way for them to start asking questions.” 

“At a young age you can’t sit down and tell them all about conception/IVF but felt the way you handle it in a story was fantastic.” 

“Thank you for your book, we all loved it very much.”

“My best friend told us about the book and we immediately ordered it, no hesitations.” 

“Our baby is only 3.5 months old. We’ve read the book to her several times, but she is too young to understand. I’m glad we bought the book, so we have a guide in explaining IVF to her when she is a bit older.”

“Our second child is six and has asked some very insightful questions since we have read her the book.”

“Thank you for writing a book that was so needed.”

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